My three goals for 2016


I returned to the US this weekend after a whirlwind holiday in Lagos that left me thoroughly inspired, yet longing for QUIET.


Source: Hyperbole and a half

But thanks to all the thinking I did and conversations I had, I came up with three fantastic goals for the new year, all related to giving.

First, blog. This won’t be easy, as my job takes up so much time and energy. But I have to do it. No excuses.

Second, experiment with transparency. I’m going to share more about how I give and (God help me) how much, at least percentage-wise.

Third, and most exciting, learn to code and apply those skills towards developing or co-developing a product that inspires people to give. I have not yet decided whether to blog here about my experiment with learning how to program (as a busy Nigerian woman who failed science in secondary school). I may need to start a separate site for that.

It’s going to be a fun year.


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